Zodiac Luxury Reed Diffuser
Zodiac Luxury Reed Diffuser
Zodiac Luxury Reed Diffuser
Zodiac Luxury Reed Diffuser

Zodiac Luxury Reed Diffuser

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Cast an aura cloud of Zodica Perfumery throughout your home. Channel the good vibes offered up by each sign's aromatherapy. Your home will smell every bit as magical as you do. Makes an ideal luxury reed diffuser gift. 

  • Non-toxic
  • Flame-free fragrance
  • Responsibly harvested rattan reeds
  • VOC Compliant in All 50 States
  • Meets all indoor air quality regulations

Note: Each bottle will come decorated with its corresponding zodiac glyph - the same used on the Twist & Spritz Travel Spray. The glyph will be rose gold on the black bottle, and black on the rose gold bottle. 


I'm so excited to share this new product with you! I've been working on the formula for some time so it meets the same high-quality standard as our other products. So many of you have asked for candles. Although they have great ambiance, candles have many sustainability and toxicity issues. Many of us purchase soy candles, thinking they are eco-friendly. Unfortunately, there's deforestation issues linked to soy. Also, natural oils cannot be used in candle wax. Natural oils are more volatile, meaning they burn off faster. The result is a candle that doesn't really smell. Therefore, candle makers use synthetic fragrances to give you the fragrance aura you're used to. Even though you think you're purchasing a natural product, you are still breathing in toxic chemicals. Hence, my focus on reed diffusers! Not only is it better for you and the world, it's a better value too. Diffusers last up to 90 days depending on how many reeds you use. The more reeds you use, the more fragrance it will emit (but it will also evaporate faster too). This 200ml size is perfect for a small to medium-sized room. Purchase multiples for larger spaces. This bottle is also refillable... just like many of our other products. Enjoy! 

~ Kristi