Zodiac Perfume - FAQ

Zodica Perfumery founder + designer, Kristi Moe, shares answers to frequently asked questions.

1. What made you create perfumes based on the zodiac?

Zodica Perfumery was born out of an all too common perfume plight. I love perfume, but hate perfume shopping. Sound familiar?

Browsing the perfume counter can get overwhelming pretty fast. Without much to go on besides designer or celebrity name, we spray whatever catches our eye. (But it should be about catching our nose, right?) After spritzing a gazillion bottles, we escape the massive perfume cloud and dash for the door and fresh air... often without buying any perfume. 

Good news! I've made perfume shopping, and perfume gifting, easy. Actually, I can't take too much of the credit. It was written in the stars! Inspired by the personalities of the zodiac, I designed a collection that brings back soul to perfume. Perfume is deeply personal and our scent should reflect our essence. After all, perfume introduces us before we even speak.

2. How did you decide what each sign should smell like?

That's the secret sauce! But I'm happy to share my process!

It took almost four years to design the whole collection. I researched the history of the zodiac, and studied each of the signs in depth. I'm not an astrologer (I've just been a lifelong horoscope reader!). Learning astrology is very intense and I haven't stopped learning yet! But through my studies, I landed on a point of inspiration for each.

I decided to focus on the positive attributes of the signs. There's so much negativity and cheesiness in what's out there now that is zodiac related, which might be why so many people see it just as entertainment.

There's a whole new world that opens up when you dig beneath the surface of the zodiac. My perfumes reflect that depth - with meaning and purpose. Not just a gimmick. Not just about the packaging, or the advertising. But about celebrating what makes us each unique, and going a step further to actually help us to manifest our day.

I designed each perfume to evoke a vibe associated with that sign. Aromatherapy properties have been used so as we smell the perfumes, it actually changes our brain chemistry and helps us feel like the sign's vibe.

Because perfume is such a personal experience, I decided to also write poems, or mantras, for each perfume. Whenever we speak something out loud, there's power in it. Pairing spoken word with the power of scent helps us live our day more intentionally and manifest the life we want to live.  

3. Can you only wear your sign?

You can wear any of the zodiac scents! I intentionally designed the collection so you can wear it by sign, by season or by attraction.

4. Are these unisex perfumes?

Although I designed the zodiac perfumes to be worn by women, the lines of fragrance preferences are definitely blurring. The scents that tend to be liked most by men are all the winter signs for their clean freshness (Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces), and the musky, heavy scents Aries and Scorpio. In fact, Capricorn was intentionally made to feel more like a cologne with green, herbal notes. Capricorn represents the father archetype in the zodiac so I wanted it to have a strength about it and a grounding effect. 

5. Do you have men's cologne?

Not yet! I'll be focusing on making my first 12 perfumes a success. With your support that will be soon so I can then start developing a men's line!

6. Has my zodiac sign changed?

Simply put, no. Identity crisis averted! There has been some controversy over whether or not the zodiac signs have changed. Zodica was developed using tropical western astrology and we do not recognize Ophiuchus as a 13th sign and see it simply as a constellation. Essentially, zodiac signs are based on the seasons vs. an exact position of a constellation and myth associated with them. The equinoxes and solstices never change, so your sun sign will never change. Chris Brennan of The Astrology Podcast has an excellent article on this if you'd like to understand the history and science behind this reasoning: