Eau de San Francisco Travel Perfume

Eau de San Francisco Travel Perfume

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Eau de San Francisco wraps you in a atmospheric swell that brings on all the feels with notes of water lily, teakwood, and ylang-ylang,

Oils were selected based on San Francisco's natal chart of when it was settled: June 27, 1776. A natal chart plots the sky when a place is founded. This acts like a map and can be read like a story of San Francisco's vibe & destiny.

The scent reflects placements of Cancer (Stellium in Sun, Mercury and Jupiter), Scorpio (Moon) and Gemini (Stellium in Venus, Mars, Uranus and Midheaven).

Eau de San Francisco is a special blend that includes the zodiac scents of its influential placements. The result is a moody AF scent that wraps you in a cloud of mystery.


The Wanderlust Collection captures the magical aura of locations (ie., city, state, country) in a Unisex fine fragrance. 

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