Eau de New York City Travel Perfume 8ml .27oz

Eau de New York City Travel Perfume 8ml .27oz

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Eau de New York City is a Unisex scent with dazzling intensity and classy complexity that doesn't quit. Ideal for 24/7 wear.  

Over 200 oils were selected based on New York City's astrological natal birth chart.

Using the stars as her guide, Zodica Perfumery Founder Kristi Moe cast the natal chart for NYC using the date it became the city of boroughs as we know it today: January 1, 1898. The position of the planets and constellations on this date can be read like a story of NYC’s vibe and destiny. 

Eau de New York City is a blend of Zodica Perfumery’s Capricorn (Sun) for hustle, Aries (Moon) for energy, Aquarius (NYC’s best-seller) for moxie, and a touch of Virgo for its “Big Apple” note.

Top Notes: Granny Smith Apple, Japanese Yuzu, Verbena
Middle Notes: Green Sage, Lily of the Valley, Jasmine, Cinnamon
Bottom Notes: Tobacco Flower, Musk, Amber, Cedarwood, Sandalwood


The Wanderlust Collection captures the magical aura of locations (ie., city, state, country) in a luxury Unisex fine fragrance.