Eau de Chicago Travel Perfume 8ml .27oz

Eau de Chicago Travel Perfume 8ml .27oz

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Eau de Chicago flourishes in a magnificent cosmopolitan mélange of sparkling citrus on a backdrop of fresh petals. A posh unisex scent. Truly emodying the windy city on the great lake, the scent reflects placements of Pisces (Sun), Cancer (Rising) and Aquarius (Stellium: Moon, Mercury, Venus).

Over 200 oils were selected based on Chicago’s natal chart of when it became a city: March 4, 1837. A natal chart plots the sky when a place is founded. This char acts like a map and can be read like a story of Chicago’s vibe & destiny.

Eau de Chicago is a special blend that includes the zodiac scents of its influential placements. The result is a chic scent ideal for a day on the town.

Over 200 oils are used. Below are some of the more prominent ones. 

Neroli, Bergamot, Cucumber, Verbena, Muguet, Iris, Water Lily, Cyclamen, Water Lotus, Rose, Sheer Musk


The Wanderlust Collection captures the magical aura of locations (ie., city, state, country) in a Unisex fine fragrance. 

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