The CEO and Creator Kristi Moe conducted blind scent studies over a three year period. The data showed patterns - people of the same zodiac sign were selecting similar scent notes. Using these insights, Kristi then developed perfume profiles that would ultimately result in people naturally preferring their zodiac sign’s sign 80% of the time.

You have bought the PERFECT product for this! We are actually so much more than our Sun sign. All the zodiac signs and planets live within your chart. We encourage you to explore the energies they express and see with which scent you resonate most. This product is really the best way to play with scent combinations. With the Perfume Palette you can expand on this by using our custom blends. Use the ‘Raise Your Scent Vibrations’ Cards above to layer perfume. This will create infinite scent possibilities!

Perfume layering is a way to make your own custom scent that is unique and custom to you. This allows you to wear a more individualized perfume. Just spray multiple scents to combine 2 or more scents together. Identify which one is the heaviest. Spray that first, followed by the next lightest. Play with combinations of how many spritzes you spray of each until you find a combination that resonates with you.

You can also layer scent with different products to make scent last longer as well. A good scent layering technique is to put on lotion and spray perfume on top of it. This will help the scent last all day!

A natal chart is an astrological snapshot of the stars based on the exact day, time and location you were born.

Things you will need: Date of birth, Time of birth, and Location of birth 

Then use the natal chart calculator to plot how the sky looked at the moment you were born. Getting your natal chart information is going to help you make custom blends!

To get your natal chart, click here.

The sky is always moving. It is important to get as accurate as possible birth time to calculate your natal chart because rising signs (which is most specific to you and determines house placements) change every 1-2 hours with the degree changing every few minutes. If it’s not known, use 12pm as your birth time. Your rising sign and house placements will not be known, but there’s still much you can learn from the other planetary placements.

You can find that information in our Explore the Zodiac section of this website.

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