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We are so excited to partner with Curlfriend Collective to get Zodica products in your hands! Zodica Perfumery is a woman-owned business crafting customized fragrances tailored to your zodiac sign using research, high-quality ingredients, aromatherapy and guidance from the stars. All of our products use quality ingredients to lessen the risk of triggering sensitivities like headaches. 

Vegan | Cruelty-free | Paraben Free | No Phthalates | No Gluten


Founded by a migraine sufferer, Kristi Moe spent three years developing the perfumes using blind scent studies. Through this proprietary process, women prefer their sign’s scent 80% of the time. Many also enjoy wearing the scent of the current zodiac season, or to to attract the vibe (or person!) of another sign.



Included in your PR box from Curlfriend Collective, you received our Perfumette (mini perfume spray), and a Hair Perfume Serum. Our award-winning hair serum does not include alcohol (which dries out the hair). This sets Zodica apart from the majority of hair perfumes on the market today. Instead, we use sustainably-sourced argan oil, harvested by a Moroccan Berber Women's Co-op, to deeply moisturize the hair. This serum also doubles as a dry body oil!



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