Balance Blend

create flow through polarity realignment


Using the wheel on the inside of your Perfume Palette, look for your zodiac sign in the top center window. Then look at the window at the bottom labeled “Sparks fly with...” This is your opposing sign. Find your sun sign and opposing sign perfumes in your perfume palette. Start with one spray of each. You can adjust the number of sprays for each until you find a combo you love. 
Aries + Libra Aries teaches Libra how to stick up for themselves, while Libra teaches Aries to consider others more and to think before you act.
Taurus + Scorpio Taurus teaches Scorpio to be more grounded and stable, while Scorpio teaches Taurus to not fear transformative cycles in life.
Gemini + Sagittarius Gemini teaches Sagittarius to open their minds to opinions outside of their own, while Sagittarius teaches Gemini to have a little more faith and optimism.  
Cancer + Capricorn Cancer teaches Capricorn to have deeper emotional connections, while Capricorn teaches Cancer to ground their emotions and think realistically. 
Leo + Aquarius Leo teaches Aquarius the importance of people feeling special individually from groups, while Aquarius is teaching Leo the importance of group and individual self expression.
Virgo + Pisces Virgos teach Pisces the importance of organizing life on a practical level, while Pisces teaches Virgo about the parts of existence that are unseen and only felt.
Why these placements? 
⭐  Your Zodiac’s opposing sign can help you see where you can develop strengths that you otherwise may lack. This is all about balancing yourself. It is also great to look at the opposing sign when you’re feeling like you need a new perspective.

To find your placements, get your free natal chart here.