Chicago Perfumette .05oz 2ml

Chicago Perfumette .05oz 2ml

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.05oz / 2ml Mini Perfume Spray
Eau de Chicago flourishes in a magnificent cosmopolitan mélange of sparkling citrus on a backdrop of fresh petals. A posh unisex scent. Truly embodying the windy city on the great lake, the scent reflects placements of Pisces (Sun), Cancer (Rising) and Aquarius (Stellium: Moon, Mercury, Venus).

Over 200 oils were selected based on Chicago’s natal chart of when it became a city: March 4, 1837. A natal chart plots the sky when a place is founded. This char acts like a map and can be read like a story of Chicago’s vibe & destiny.

Eau de Chicago is a special blend that includes the zodiac scents of its influential placements. The result is a chic scent ideal for a day on the town.

Over 200 oils are used including Neroli, Bergamot, Cucumber, Verbena, Muguet, Iris, Water Lily, Cyclamen, Water Lotus, Rose, Sheer Musk