3 Ways to Wear Zodiac Perfume

3 Ways to Wear Zodiac Perfume

Most people know their zodiac sun sign. This is what we are all use to checking when looking at our daily horoscope. However, we can actually be influenced by all the zodiac signs depending on our natal chart, as well as the time of year. Understanding the other zodiac signs will give you more understanding of what is happening in the world, as well as insight into the other dimensions of your personality. This is especially important if you don't necessarily identify strongly with your sun sign. 

I've designed the zodiac collection to be worn in three ways to help you on your journey. 

1. Embrace Your Personality

Customized zodiac fragrance that celebrates you!
Shine a light on what makes you a unique treasure with a personalized & artisanal perfume.

2. Wear the Zodiac Sign in Season

Be charmed by this unique moment in time.
Travel through the year & be fully present each zodiac season with this 12-month fragrance wardrobe.

3. Follow Your Attraction

Let your heart lead you.
Discover the aromatic energies that awaken your intuition and take you on a sensory journey.