Zodiac Perfume... it's Written in the Stars

Zodiac Perfume... it's Written in the Stars

Shopping for perfume can be a frustrating experience, but trying to buy fine fragrance as a gift definitely takes the cake. Perfume is such a personal thing, yet it makes a luxurious holiday or birthday gift. So how can you be sure someone will like the perfume you buy them? It's as easy as looking at the stars!

I've used the zodiac signs as inspiration for designing a zodiac perfume collection that makes shopping and gifting perfume personal and fun. While anyone can simply label a random fragrance with a zodiac sign, I've spent three years studying the zodiac and another year and half testing the collection. The result? Around 80% of women prefer their sign's perfume over the other eleven. Pretty magical.

People often ask me how I've developed the zodiac perfumes. It's a combination of aromatherapy principles, seasonal ingredients and a good amount of Cancerian intuition! And in case you're curious, in addition to my Cancer sun sign, I have an Aquarius Moon and Pisces Rising. 

I've created a zodiac perfume guide as a starting point to explore the zodiac scents. While I've listed 3 main perfume notes for each, keep in mind that I use anywhere from 30 to 100 oils in each. Zodica perfumes are true fine fragrance with an eau de parfum concentration of between 12%-15% oil.

Each zodiac perfume also has an inspired "vibe." I've designed the zodiac fragrances to evoke an emotion which that sign is known for. The wonderful thing about this zodiac perfume collection is that you can wear ANY of the scents, regardless of whether it's your sign.

We often get too focused on the notes of a perfume. The reality is that one note can have a whole spectrum of scent depending on what other notes it is paired with. Since the zodiac perfumes are layered fine fragrance, it's more important to look at the vibe and decide how you want the perfume to make you feel. The Cancer perfume and Scorpio perfume both have a rose note, but smell completely different from each other. The Cancer fragrance is softer and more fresh. The Scorpio scent is much darker, heavier and mysterious. 

Happy exploring! 
~ Kristi