Aquarius Season is here. Out with the old... in with the new!

Aquarius Season is here. Out with the old... in with the new!

Futuristic Aquarius brings forth idealism of what could be. Their humanistic heart opens us to a whole new world. While they may seem cold and detached, Aquarians actually have a huge heart for the greater good. They're happy to patiently work their way through to progress, picking up the goals laid down during Capricorn season. Use this time of year to bring logic to your 2018 master plan. That coldness trait of Aquarius can be used to channel a calm and collected vibe as you resolutely bring form to your ideas. Go deeper, and commit to finding a new way of looking at or doing things that brings about real meaning. When you're in harmony with a deeper sense of purpose, no one stop you. Let that genius show. 

I developed the Aquarius Zodiac Perfume to reflect the aspects of being an air sign with lighter notes of citrus and green florals. The zodiac is divided into four elements (air, fire, earth, water) with three signs in each element. The elements symbolize the ancient wisdom of alchemy, as well as the four seasons. The element has its own embodiment of traits and characteristics.

Air signs tend to be more intellectual and communicative. Their go-to may be talking things through, reading a book, or exploring ideas. Sometimes they can get caught in analysis paralysis and overthink. Aquarius in particular are fiercely independent. To hold them back would be to suffocate them. The notes in the Aquarius eau de parfum reflects this need for freedom. The light notes won't hold them down, but inspire an airy vibe. This makes the Aquarius scent very fresh and easy to wear and won't overwhelm.

In addition to the astrology elements, the zodiac signs are grouped into quadruplicities: cardinal, fixed, and mutable. These are modes of expression of different archetypes. Aquarians are fixed astrological signs - they rule when cold and ice fiercely grip the ground. Fixed signs represent the middle of a season. Aquarians tend to be tenacious and like stability. Their genius is in their discovery of what's new and next. Aquarians are mavericks at heart, who rather do things their own way and often leads to brilliant innovations. They have the moxie required to break through status-quo barriers to bring about a new normal. 

When creating the Aquarius zodiac perfume, I wanted the scent to evoke their cool and elevated vibe. To me, it means a more sophisticated scent. Notes in this natural perfume reflect the iciness of winter with crisp citrus and verbena, and creates an elegant signature scent with the green florals. 

No matter your sign, we can all be inspired by the energy of Aquarius season. The Aquarius eau de parfum can be worn any time of year, but is best exalted from January 20th to February 18.

Every Aquarius perfume gift set and the new Aquarius birthday card with perfume sample comes with a mantra. Speak the mantra poem out loud when you wear Aquarius to add a little moxie to your day!