Zodiac Perfume Discovery Sample Gift Set

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Did you know we can be influence by more than one zodiac sign? This discovery set was designed so you can explore all sides to your personality and mindfully experience the changing seasons of the year.


  • 12, 1.5 ml mini-perfume spray bottles
  • scent guide
  • natal birth chart (include a note on your order with month, day, year and exact time of birth as well as the city and state of your birth)
  • Credit to redeem 1 free 8ml Twist & Spritz Travel Spray

Your birth chart is a map of where all the planets were in the sky at the time you were born. A little-known secret about the zodiac is that we can be influenced by multiple signs, with each influencing a different aspect of our personality. Use this chart as a beginning to a deeper dive into astrology. 

Be your own perfumer - make your own custom scent based on your natal chart. Perhaps layer your sun and moon signs, or the venus signs (determines love style) for yourself and your partner. Let the chemistry begin! 

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